Hi, I'm Rachel. And I'm obsessed with plants, dogs, and third-wheeling weddings.

If I could bottle that “road trip, real books, candles, hot tea, wind-whipped, fresh air, crackling logs, dog at your feet, ocean fog, holding hands, fresh seafood, cloudy skies” feeling…

I believe that petting every dog I see is the best kind of daily goal, that tacos really are the perfect food, that no house is a home without a ton of plants, and that plane tickets should be purchased on a whim.


"Your wedding should be about you"

That's basically it. If I had to boil my entire philosophy down to...six words, those are the words I'd pick.

Want to talk about weddings? Let's talk about weddings.



Rachel is a joy to shoot with! I love the fun, spontaneous photos she took of my husband and I. They really capture our relationship - full of laughter and adventure.

-Rachel and Jeff


Rachel is an awesome photographer, she's easy to work with and very creative and passionate about her craft :) We loved the photos that she took from our Pismo wedding.

-Danica and Mike


We had the best time with Rachel! Even though our shoot was wild and hectic, she accommodated everything we asked for and exceeded our expectations. We love how the pictures turned out and we are so pleased we went with Rachel for our engagement photos!

-Tommy and Aline


I loved working with Rachel! My wife is not a fan of being photographed- although she is very photogenic. I was able to convince her to have Rachel over for a home session. We were just us. We made dinner and planted succulents on our patio. We just hung out like old pals and got some adorable and very natural photos of us in our home. My wife and I were both extremely comfortable and really enjoyed Rachel's company.

-Kim and Bianca


Rachel was our photographer about 5 months ago and had great energy. She was talkative but also calm. She gave great direction and hyped us up when we felt a little awkward (who doesn't when getting photos done?!). I'm glad to have been photographed by her! Highly recommend!

-Madelyn and Emmalaine


Rachel photographed my husband and I near the cliffs of Davenport, and it was a lovely shoot! She was sweet, professional, and had fun with us the entire time. I would recommend her photography to anyone!

-Mary and Adair


Rachel is AWESOME! My fiancé and I hired her to help us capture our proposal back in November. Full disclosure, we were already engaged, but didn't get any photos of the actual moment, so we recreated it;) BUT if you see the photos...they in no way look "recreated" at all. She did an incredible job of helping us capture these photos that will honestly last a lifetime. Rachel is super easy going and also made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. I wanted to get a few specific ~insta~ poses and she gladly humored all of my requests LOL however, she also photographed us with her own twist and style that turned out absolutely beautiful. If you're looking for a photographer in the bay area, look no further. <3

-Matt and Mariah

“Don’t let anyone tell you that moments are more important than mountains, or mountains more important than moments. This isn’t rocket science. Simply get good at them both.”

--Oli Sansom

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My husband and I got married on our terms (it was fucking perfect), and I think you should get married on your terms too.

Let's make some cool shit together.